Hill Fire's Time Will Tell

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Winona High School Auditorium 311 Fairground Street Winona, MS 38967


Hill Fire’s “Time Will Tell” is about a small Southern town and the everyday lives of the people who call it home. Set in the late 1960s, the story begins with the planning of Heritage Day - a day for remembering times before electricity, indoor plumbing, and fast-paced life. It’s also election time and the candidates hold an old-time political rally where certain campaign promises seem to get out of hand. And the townsfolk are all abuzz when a television reporter comes to town for a special interview. Meet the Characters Where would a town be without its characters? J. B. and Clem spend most of their time at the local courthouse playing checkers and making bets. And when they’re not doing that, they are interfering with the plans for the upcoming Heritage Day celebration. Watch for these guys to keep things stirred up. Governor Young can be found at the school crossing helping the children get safely to school each day. He is a man of high moral character and expects the same from the children. Officer Young is more than a traffic cop. He’s a teacher and positive role model for the children who cross his path each day. People come from miles around to watch as Governor puts his “spin” on an otherwise dull job. Avis is a beautician at the local beauty shop. She is soft spoken and the epitome of a Southern lady. Even the chaos her customers bring into her shop can’t make her lose her cool. Margaret helps Avis at the beauty shop. Margaret is . . .well, bless her heart. Let’s just say that common sense is just not one of her virtues. Ward is the Tax Assessor/Collector. He has been on the job longer than anyone else in this position. Taking care of things at the courthouse is second nature to him. Millie is the Circuit Clerk. She takes care of registering all the candidates and counting the votes on election night. She may have her hands full with this group. The candidates are all in rare form as they square off against each other at a political rally. Hugh gives Buster pointers on how to win an election and then draws him into a campaign promise to beat all campaign promises. Annie Jean just wants her road paved and she goes to great lengths to get the job done. Thelma and Will, a married couple, are the custodians of the courthouse. Will sweeps up the dust and grime created by those who pass through the breezeway on their way to run various errands. Thelma makes sure everything is in place and keeps the plants healthy with water and her own special little “trick” learned at the hands of her grandmother. This couple has spent most of their lives taking care of their beloved old courthouse. But times are changing and Will and Thelma find they have to make changes as well.


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